Thursday, April 20, 2006

4/21 to 4/30

I'm doing a few gigs with Hem this month. It is always a joy to be on stage with those guys. That is one band I love being in.

4/21 On friday its Hank's with Shotgun Shack at 11:00 till 1:00. This some sort of big event involving a wig or two. The shotgun shack band is getting to be pretty darn good.

4/23 its sunday so itsHank's with Shotgun Shack at 6:00 then more honky tonk mayhem with the The New Jack Ramblers from 9:00 till 1:00.

4/26 Hem in Northern Virginia/ DC
4/27 Hem in Phila
4/28 My band The Mood Illusion at Sunny's in Red Hook. We had a big band meeting and almost broke up over who would be in charge of the myspace page. After a vote we decided that we would just agree to disagree and hold off on our conquest of cyber space for now.
4/29 Hem in Boston

4/30 hey it sunday again ! Did you ever see the movie "ground hog day" ? Its sorta like that only without the love interest part. So its Hank's !

Saturday, April 15, 2006

4/17 to 4/23

The picture is of my living room where I practice.

Monday 4/17 I'll be playing with Max Greene at the
The Pussycat Lounge

96 Greenwich Street at Rector, 2nd Floor, 212-349-4800

We start at 8:00.
I was hoping that this was a lesbian bar but its not. Its a strip place downstairs complete with a velvet rope and a few really fat black dude bouncers.

Upstairs I guess they book bands when they haven't rented it out for really crappy batchelor parties. But to there credit the only good batchelor parties are the really skanky ones when you think about it.

Then its Hank's on friday the 21st with Shotgun Shack.

And lest we forget on sunday night
6:00 Shotgun Shack at Hank's
9:30 I'm still on stage playing with Sean Kershaw

I've got a pile of gigs for my own band coming up along with Hem and a new project with Smokey Hormel.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Monday 4/10 flash update !

At 8:00 till 10:00 on monday my band "The Mood illusion" will be playing our brand of lounge music at the 68 Jay st bar.
This is a great local hangout in dumbo, Brooklyn on the corner of Jay and Water st.

The band will be:
Jonathon Haffner: alto
George Rush: String Bass
Tony Mason:drums
Bob Hoffnar: pedal steel guitar

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

4/7 to 4/10

The picture is of me in some truckstop in California last year on Valentines day.

On friday 4/7 I'm playing with Drazy Hoops at 8:00 pm at CBGB Lounge
313 Bowery. This just me and Drazy. Check out his website to hear his tunes.

4/9 Its sunday and that means
Hank's with Shotgun Shack at 6:00 then more honky tonk mayhem with the The New Jack Ramblers from 9:00 till 1:00

I'm also playing a brunch gig on sunday with Jan Bell and the Cheap Dates. That starts at noon at Superfine in dumbo
126 Front St., Brooklyn, NY 11201
Between Jay and Pearl Sts.

Its a little depressing being in dumbo these days. It used to be were Kojack would film the scenes that needed to look extra rough. Now they film skinny hipsters selling car insurance with those $1,000 messy looking hairdos and that pathetic attempt at irony.

Superfine is great though.They actually have those real green chiles you can only get in New Mexico.