Wednesday, June 27, 2007

First week of July

July 1 sunday night. Well, they wanted me to stay in Boston at some fancy all expenses paid hotel making tons of money and playing with a high falutin orchestra but I had a gig at Hank's . I wouldn't want to miss those rough girls pile driving Sean Kershaw's head into the dance floor or hanging brain show and neither should you !

July 2nd I'm at Barbes with Smokey Hormel's Western Roundup at 10:00. We don't get a chance to play much this summer and this is a great place to see the band.

July 4th Smokey and the guys are at Jalopy. We should get going around 10:00.

July 6th its Drazy Hoops at The Living Room . This is a full band show.

Later that night I'm playing with Max Greene at Banjo Jim’s around midnight.

On the 7th I have a gig at 68 Jay st in Dumbo around 9:00 with J.Walter Hawks and Tim Luntzel. We will play a bunch of old standards and sub standards.

Boston Pops !

Here is a shot of the gig I played last night:

Also the JC gig at Rodeo Bar is canceled due to some sort of thing or another.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

last week or so of June

Well, I guess its been a while since I updated this thing but, you know, I was busy and didn't get it together.

So anyhoo this is what is coming up:

June 21 at 10:00 Its Mamie from the Roulette sisters singing at
Superfine in Dumbo

126 Front St., Brooklyn, NY 11201
Between Jay and Pearl Sts.

It will be with the guys from Smokey's Roundup. Its a great band.I'll be trying to keep up playing my old Fender Stringmaster.

June 23 I'm in Maryland playing a wedding gig.

Sunday the 24th its Hank's at 10:00. Free sausages, drunk people doing all the things drunk people do including some new tricks that you just gotta see. I saw a big sign on the building that it is a fantastic development spot for sale so I guess the rich fuckers backed out on knocking it down to put up some more piece of shit luxury condos for the time being. The luxury condo building next door went up in about a week and is made out of some prefab flimsy junk you could poke your fist through with very little effort.

June 26 and 27 Hem is playing with the Boston Pops in Boston. I'll wear a nice shirt for that bad boy !

June 28 its JC Hopkins at the Rodeo Bar . This should be a real fun show.

June 29 I'm playing with Meg from the Roulette Sisters at Sunny's in Red Hook. This is the greatest bar in the world and you get to hear Meg's tunes and meet Lucy the dog. What more could you want ?

Then we got July. Big doins coming up ! Mondays at Barbes. My own band on the 12th at Sunny's. All sorts of stuff.