Monday, May 14, 2007

May Gigs

Okay, So I have been a little remiss in my gig updates. For any of you that may be wondering I have been very busy playing the pedalsteel for the people and rocking in the proper idiomatic style depending on the particular situation. Anyhoo I am playing
may 16th at Club Europa
with Sean Kershaw and the New
Jack Ramblers. It should be a weird one in a world of weird ones. My favorite part of playing Club Europa is the complete distain the Polish babe bartenders have for any non Polish guy. If the poor dudes tip to much they get treated even worse. It will be great to see Klaus Flouride
again. I used to hang with him in San Fransisco. Now that was a fun scene !

Thursday the 17th I'm playing new country tunes for some rich kids at a Princeton dining club. I was thinking about wearing a bomb belt but decided to save it for a shot at Kenny Chesney if I ever get the chance.

Friday and saturday I'm out with Don Dilego
May 18 Lynchburg, VA @ Bull Branch
May 19 Charlotte, NC @ The Evening Muse

These are duet shows so it should be fun.

sunday the 20th if I'm not dead I'll be at Hank's .
Here is a little something for the music lovers: