Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hem Video

Man, I wish Hem was touring these days. Such a great band to play with.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

march 19th to the 31st

march 19 weds:9:30 Smokey's Roundup at Sunny's bar 253 Conover St.Red Hook, Brooklyn

20th thurs 10:30 Derek Lee Bronston at The Carnegie Club 156 W 56th St It a cigar place.

21st friday 10:00: Smokey's Roundup at Barbes
22nd sat 10:00: Smokey's Roundup at The Tea Lounge in Park Slope

23rd sunday 10:00: Sean Kershaw at Hank's

26th weds: Smokey back at Sunny's.
30st sunday 10:00: back at hank's with Sean
31st monday 9:30: Smokey's Roundup at the legendary Rodeo Bar

We are taking a break for a little bit with Smokey's Roundup after these shows so come out and see this band. Its a great one.

Monday, March 03, 2008

march 5th to the 12th


5th Smokey's Roundup playing at Sunny's bar in Red Hook. 253 Conover St. 9:30

7th Sean Kershaw at Hill Country. A perfect evening with a musical journey into a world of meat.

9th Sean Kershaw at Hank's . Yet another perfect evening with a musical journey into a world of beer. This is the place for you first daters. Its dark, there are 2 exits and no matter what happens there is plenty of beer.

10th Pete's Candy Store with Caithlin from Rainer Maria. We go on at 10:30

12th Smokey at Sunny's.

The world lost something when these two guys left us.