Tuesday, December 25, 2007

End of Dec into january

Dec 27 I may be playing with "the Old Rugged Sauce" at The Grape and Grain
620 E 6th st 10:00
Its a standards type gig with some great tunes. I bring my lap steel for
this one. 10:00 till 1:00
DEc 28 10:00 I'm playing with Andrew Cohen at the
169 Bar . Its at 169 East Broadway near Essex and Canal. Last time I tried to play there I got in a fight with the bottom feeding scumbags called LES Productions. If those assholes are still there I will skip the part were they dick me around and get straight to the part where I club them with a leg off my pedal steel. Anyway whatever happens I'm planing on having a big time. Andrew is a talented guy and if you are into the pedalsteel its just Andrew ,me and Tim Quigley on drums so I will be busy.

Dec 29 Mamie Minch at 68 Jay st bar .
Dec 30 Hank's With Sean Kershaw.

Jan 2 Back with Smokey at sunny's in Red Hook 253 Conover
Jan 3 I may be playing with "the Old Rugged Sauce" at The Grape and Grain 620 E 6th
Jan 5 Drazy Hoops at the The Living Room . We are trying out some new tunes.
Jan 6th Hank's With Sean Kershaw.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Live gigs in Dec

So winter is here and its cold and all. These are the live gigs I have in my book at the moment. Thank goodness for steady gigs !

Dec 8 Mamie Minch at 68 Jay st bar . We get going around 10:00. Mamie is great and I tag along with my lapsteel.

Dec 9 With Sean Kershaw. Get down to Hank's while you still can. I play my pedalsteel in this honky tonk free for all. Sean is writing more new songs and getting a very cool thing happening.
Dec 15 Mamie Minch at 68 Jay st bar .
Dec 16 Its sunday so its Hank's !
Dec 17 Tea Lounge on Union and 7th ave in park Slope Brooklyn. I will be playing pedal steel with the legendary Sunny Jain with his jazz band. 8:00
Dec 19 Smokey's Roundup is back at Sunny's Bar 253 Conover st in Red Hook. 10:00
DEc 20 I'm back with the "Old Rugged Sauce" playing great standards at Grape and Grain on 620 E6th st. I love playing with these guys. I'm bringing my lap steel for this one. 9:00 till 1:00
Dec 21 I'm playing the solstice party with Tone at Sunny's
Dec 22 Smokey's Roundup at Jalopy in upper Red Hook. I may run over to 68 and play with Mamie also later.

Dec 23 No Hank's. I will be in maryland eating cookies and watching cable tv.
Dec 29 Mamie Minch at 68 Jay st bar .
Dec 30 Hank's With Sean Kershaw.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Last bit of November

Sat the 24th Its 68 Jay st with Mamie. around 10:00
Sunday the 25th back at Hank's.

Check last weeks listing for details.

Sorry about the stupid ads on the onion vid.

Also John Hughey died this week. Its a real heartbreaker for me. He was a sweetheart and one of the best.

Monday, November 05, 2007

some November gigs

Nov 15th I'll be at Banjo Jim’s with Jan Bell and Katy Cox.

Nov 16th I'll be at Sunny's in Red Hook with Max Green
Nov 17th Its the wonderful Mamie Minch at the 68 Jay st bar in Dumbo

Nov 18th Back at Hank's with Sean Kershaw.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

The rest of oct 07

sunday oct 21: Sean Kershaw Brooklyn County Fair @ Galapagos
70 N 6th St (Kent & Wythe Aves, Williamsburg) around 4:00.

Then at 10:00 its Hank's !

Monday 0ct 22 at 9:30 We got your basic Max Greene Upstairs at the Living Room.

Weds the 24th 9:30 Smokey's Roundup at Sunny's in Red Hook. Conover st near the Fairway.

Thurs the 25th 9:30 Smokey's Roundup crosses the great water to play at the legendary
Rodeo Bar 27th st and 3rd ave.

Sat the 27th 10:00 Mamie Minch at 68 Jay st bar in Dumbo. Andy Cotton is playing bass on this one.

Sunday the 28th at 10:00 Sean Kershaw at Hank's This is a band worth checking out. Hank's is a real dive bar. Relaxed and open in that lovable loser sort of way.

Monday the 29th Max Greene Upstairs at the Living Room.

Weds the 31st its Halloween ! Come see Spooky Hormel's Ground up at Sunny's bar in Red Hook.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Oct 10 to 20th 2007

Oct 10th I'll be playing little Ricky panda with Smokey's Roundup at Sunny's in Red Hook at 9:30 253 Conover St Brooklyn 11231 718-625-8211

Oct 13th I'm playing with Amy Allison at
Banjo Jim’s from 7:00 till 9:00 or so. Amy is a truly great writer and singer. I'll be playing pedal steel while she sings and plays guitar.

Then around 10:00 I'll be playing with Mamie at 68 Jay st in Dumbo. This gig I will playing my lap steel. Its a fun hang and Mamie is the bomb.

Oct 14th Its Hank's with Sean Kershaw at 10:00.

Oct 17th Back at Sunny's with Smokey.

Oct 18th The Glaciers at The Alphabet Lounge 9:30 then Laura Bell Bundy at The Cutting Room at 11:30.

Oct 19th Sean Kershaw at Hill Country.
Oct 20. back with Mamie at 68 jay st.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

sept 28th to oct 5

friday 9/28 I am at 68 Jay st bar in Dumbo for the atrs fest playing with Mamie Minch at 7:00 then Jan Bell around 9:00
Sunday 9/30 Brunch at Superfine in Dumbo with Jan Bell then its Hank's that night
tues 10/2 Laura Bell Bundy at the Cutting Room in manhattan at 8:00
weds 10/3 Sunny's in Red Hook with Smokey's Roundup 9:30
thurs 10/4 Superfine with Smokey's Roundup 9:00

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Some September gigs

Sept 12 9:30 Smokey's Roundup at Sunny’s. No cover. Sunny's is on Conover st near the Fairway in Red Hook Brooklyn.

Sept 14th Teddy Thompson at the Bowery Ballroom
Sept 15th Mamie Minch and me at 68 Jay st bar in Dumbo 10:00

Sept 16th 2:00 Jan Bell and the Cheap Dates Hudson County Fair
Then its Hank's with Sean Kershaw at 10:00

Sept 17th at The Living Room upstairs with Max Greene 8:30.

sept 19th 9:30 Smokey's Roundup at Sunny’s. No cover. Sunny's is on Conover st near the Fairway in Red Hook Brooklyn.

sept 21 Queen Esther Details to follow.
Sept 22 Mamie and me at 68 Jay st bar in Dumbo 10:00

sept 23 Hank's with Sean Kershaw at 10:00

This just in:

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tonight the 12th and a couple more

JUly 12th 2007 Tonight at 9:00 I'm playing my own supply without a demand type music at Sunny's bar in Red Hook.
Sunny's is on Conover right next to the Fairway. I have :
Dan Weiss drums
Chris Lightcap Bass
and Glen Patscha on piano

Gerald Menke will be playing steel with his new band also around 10:00.

7/14 SAt at 68 Jay st Bar in Dumbo I'll be playing a couple sets with Mammie from the Roullette Sisters. Ragtime Blues

Sunday Its Hank's !
Monday 16th I'm back at Barbes with my own band at 10:00. Miho Hatori may sing a few tunes with us. Not to be missed !

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

First week of July

July 1 sunday night. Well, they wanted me to stay in Boston at some fancy all expenses paid hotel making tons of money and playing with a high falutin orchestra but I had a gig at Hank's . I wouldn't want to miss those rough girls pile driving Sean Kershaw's head into the dance floor or hanging brain show and neither should you !

July 2nd I'm at Barbes with Smokey Hormel's Western Roundup at 10:00. We don't get a chance to play much this summer and this is a great place to see the band.

July 4th Smokey and the guys are at Jalopy. We should get going around 10:00.

July 6th its Drazy Hoops at The Living Room . This is a full band show.

Later that night I'm playing with Max Greene at Banjo Jim’s around midnight.

On the 7th I have a gig at 68 Jay st in Dumbo around 9:00 with J.Walter Hawks and Tim Luntzel. We will play a bunch of old standards and sub standards.

Boston Pops !

Here is a shot of the gig I played last night:

Also the JC gig at Rodeo Bar is canceled due to some sort of thing or another.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

last week or so of June

Well, I guess its been a while since I updated this thing but, you know, I was busy and didn't get it together.

So anyhoo this is what is coming up:

June 21 at 10:00 Its Mamie from the Roulette sisters singing at
Superfine in Dumbo

126 Front St., Brooklyn, NY 11201
Between Jay and Pearl Sts.

It will be with the guys from Smokey's Roundup. Its a great band.I'll be trying to keep up playing my old Fender Stringmaster.

June 23 I'm in Maryland playing a wedding gig.

Sunday the 24th its Hank's at 10:00. Free sausages, drunk people doing all the things drunk people do including some new tricks that you just gotta see. I saw a big sign on the building that it is a fantastic development spot for sale so I guess the rich fuckers backed out on knocking it down to put up some more piece of shit luxury condos for the time being. The luxury condo building next door went up in about a week and is made out of some prefab flimsy junk you could poke your fist through with very little effort.

June 26 and 27 Hem is playing with the Boston Pops in Boston. I'll wear a nice shirt for that bad boy !

June 28 its JC Hopkins at the Rodeo Bar . This should be a real fun show.

June 29 I'm playing with Meg from the Roulette Sisters at Sunny's in Red Hook. This is the greatest bar in the world and you get to hear Meg's tunes and meet Lucy the dog. What more could you want ?

Then we got July. Big doins coming up ! Mondays at Barbes. My own band on the 12th at Sunny's. All sorts of stuff.

Monday, May 14, 2007

May Gigs

Okay, So I have been a little remiss in my gig updates. For any of you that may be wondering I have been very busy playing the pedalsteel for the people and rocking in the proper idiomatic style depending on the particular situation. Anyhoo I am playing
may 16th at Club Europa
with Sean Kershaw and the New
Jack Ramblers. It should be a weird one in a world of weird ones. My favorite part of playing Club Europa is the complete distain the Polish babe bartenders have for any non Polish guy. If the poor dudes tip to much they get treated even worse. It will be great to see Klaus Flouride
again. I used to hang with him in San Fransisco. Now that was a fun scene !

Thursday the 17th I'm playing new country tunes for some rich kids at a Princeton dining club. I was thinking about wearing a bomb belt but decided to save it for a shot at Kenny Chesney if I ever get the chance.

Friday and saturday I'm out with Don Dilego
May 18 Lynchburg, VA @ Bull Branch
May 19 Charlotte, NC @ The Evening Muse

These are duet shows so it should be fun.

sunday the 20th if I'm not dead I'll be at Hank's .
Here is a little something for the music lovers:

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The rest of April 07

4/29 Its Hank's ! Sunday night at 10:0. Catch it while you can.

4/30 at 7:30 Queen Esther, The WeDaPeoples Cabaret
Monday, April 30th
Eugene Lang College/The New School
Wollman Hall. 5th Floor
65 West 11th Street (near 6th Avenue)

then at 10:00 Its the last gig for a while for Smokey's Roundup. We are playing Barbes in Park Slope.

Friday, April 06, 2007

April 8 to 14th

The picture is of me in Texas with Herb Remington. He is a living legend.

April 8th sunday is Hank's at 10:00. Its an oasis of sorts. Country music played a little too fast. Think more gas pedal than steering wheel. Fun scene.

Monday 9th its the Knitting Factory at 10:00 with Derek Lee Bronston. Very strong players are working with this great singer songwriter. It looks like we go on around 9:30. I'll be there early to check out the other bands.

weds the 11th is Smokey's Roundup. Its a great little western swing band with some amazing players. We will be at The Lakeside Lounge on the lower east side around 9:00. Don't miss this rare chance to see this band in manhattan. The crossing of the great waters is quite a big deal for us.

Sat the 14th the mighty Hem plays a fesival of some sort in Norfolk Viginia.

After driving like a demon I will be rocking again at Hank's with Sean Kershaw on sunday the 15th. I will be crispy. But it can be better that way.

Its Easter !

Thursday, March 29, 2007

March 30th into April

I haven't been updating my gig blog very much lately. I've been here and there doing a little of this and that mostly. Anyhoo:
March 30 I'm at the The Ace of Clubs on 9 Great Jones st downtown at 8:30 with Jan Bell and the Cheap Dates.

Sunday night the 1st of April I'm back at
Hank's ! We get going at 10:30. All you have heard is true about this amazing musical phenominon.

Weds night around 9:00 Smokey's roundup will be playing at Sunny's in Red Hook. I have a new cowboy hat, a fire in my heart and Lucy will be there accepting bribes.

Sunny's: 253 Conover st Brooklyn, 11231. Right next to The Fairway in Red Hook.

Thurs the 5th Smokey again. This time at Superfine . There is subway access to this fine establishment so no slakin from you slakers out there.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sister Rosetta Tharpe and a couple gigs

I am getting ready to do some traveling so I won't be around in march much at all.

I am playing at the 169 club in Chinatown with Drazy Hoops on thurs night march 1st at 10:00

and then at Union Pool with Jan Bell and the cheap dates on march 8th. This is her Cd release party.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Feb 18th to 24

2/18 Sunday night at 10:00 its Hank's ! Don't miss it. The housing bubble monster chipped a tooth on Hank's but is coming back in all his glory to eat hank's and then crap out another flimsy luxury condo in its place any minute. Free sausages, drunk people ! Whoo Hoo ! Its a holiday weekend so it should get going pretty good.

Smokey's Western Roundup at Barbes . 10:00 no cover. Ben Perowsky is sitting on drums. This is the last gig we will do for a month or so.

2/23 Its Sean Kershaw and the New
Jack Ramblers at the Rodeo Bar . Sets start at around 10:00. No cover.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Feb 8th to 14th

Thurs the 8th Its Smokey's Roundup at The Rodeo Bar ! No cover, free peanuts and a nice scene for checking the band out at this little oasis for American music on 3rd and 27th in Manhattan.

Feb 10th its The Glaciers at
The Brooklyn Lyceum w/Elk City & The Honey Brothers
227 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, 11215

Feb 11 it Jan Bell and the Cheap Dates at Superfine in Dumbo. This is a sunday brunch gig with some good guys at a nice place.

then at 10:00 its Hank's ! Don't miss it. The housing bubble monster chipped a tooth on Hank's but is coming back in all his glory to eat hank's and then crap out another flimsy luxury condo in its place any minute. Free sausages, drunk people ! Whoo Hoo !

Feb 12th Smokey's Western Roundup at Barbes . 10:00 no cover but a powerful tip jar. This is a great listening room over in Park Slope.

Feb 14th Tone will be singing her tunes at Sunny's on Conover in Red Hook.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Feb 1st to 8th Whole lotta Smokey !

Feb 1 The Smokey Hormel Western Combo at
Superfine in Dumbo 9:00
Feb 4th Hank's Atlantic and 3rd st in Brooklyn 10:00 with Sean Kershaw.

Feb 5th Barbes With The Smokey Hormel Western Combo. 10:00

Feb 7th Smokey at Sunny's in Red Hook 9:30 253 Conover
Feb 8th Smokey at Rodeo Bar

In Smokey's Western Combo we play old western swing, early jazz and blues on period correct instruments except for Charlie Burnham's weird looking violin and a few other things. Well maybe its not so period correct and we play mostly whatever we want at the time but we do wear cowboy hats !

Monday, January 08, 2007

The rest of january 2007 so far

Well, January is on the slow side as far as live gigs go so far. Here is what I have going on for the rst of the month:

Jan 9th: Andrew Cohen at Ace of Clubs
9 Great Jones Street between Broadway and Lafayette

It looks like the Brooklyn country crew makes this scene. I'm not sure what is going on but I am going to a rehearsal so I will have a head start on the tunes anyway.

Jan 12: I'm playing with The Woes at Terra Blues 149 Bleecker Street NYC. Should be a fun show.

Jan 14: Its sunday so I must be at
Hank's !

Jan 17th Smokey Hormel's Roundup is back at Sunny's in Red Hook

Jan 20th Hem is at Bowery Ballroom. This is a great band that you should check out if at all possible.

Jan 21 Hank's ! 10:00

Jan 24 Back to Sunny's with Smokey and a rock star of note siting in on drums.

Jan 28th: Man, I'm wondering what my life has come to... oh yea, I'm at Hank's again. All is well with the world.

Jan 31: Smokey at Sunny's. All you have heard about this gig is true. You will feel the power and bow down before the mighty force of this early jazz/western swing band.
Prepare yourself and be aware that we wear cowboy hats.