Saturday, March 04, 2006

3/6 to 3/12

Not many live gigs this week. The one worth catching is on Thursday 3/9 with Don Dilego . We are playing at The Living Room downtown. The Living Room is a great hip club to see music at where you can pay the same price for a coke that they charge the bands ! The bald big tough cream puff bartender with tatoos is a real asshole. I have watched him have truly great players tossed out by security because they dared to complain when he took there drinks away before they were done. He has pulled that same shit with another buddy of mine that packs that place once a week. What a fucking tool !
Anyway, Don is great and the band is well worth seeing. Order your drinks from the girls in the music room. They are sweethearts.

3/10 friday night in Red Hook with Shotgun Shack at the deisel gallery 242 Van Brunt St. We should get going by 9:00 and Paranoid Larry will be doing whatever he does also. This an art opening.

3/11 I'm at Freddy's on Dean st. in Brooklyn with Jan Bell at 9:30. I'll be there early to catch my buddy Gerald playing steel with somebody else.

3/12 Its sunday and that means
Hank's with Shotgun Shack at 6:00 then more honky tonk mayhem with the The New Jack Ramblers fro 9:00 till 1:00

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