Monday, March 27, 2006

3/28 to 4/2

tonight, tuesday, I'm playing lovely duets with the lovely Sean Kershaw at some new club that is the resererction of that old lousy club 9C. Its at 9th and C on the lower east side. 9:00 to 11:00 and I can't imagine they could get away with charging money. I don't know the name of the new place but its on the corner.

3/29 9:00 I'm playing with Jan Bell and the Cheap dates at
The Pussycat Lounge
96 Greenwich Street at Rector, 2nd
Floor, 212-349-4800, $8 admission - 21+ w/ID

I'm hoping its a lesbian bar like the old Pussycat lounge because that place was fun.

3/30 Its Shotgun Shack at Two Boots in Brooklyn. If you get there early you can watch the band order anything on the menu except steak or seafood.

THursday night update: Gerald Menke will be at the Two boots gig and I will be playing at The 55 Bar with the amazing Wallisonics. Its Kenny Wollenson's new band of inspired and concerned musicians that will be meeting each other for the first time ever on the legendary stage, or floor in the corner as it were, of this bar in historic Greenwich Village.

then on sunday 4/2
6:00 Shotgun Shack at Hank's
9:30 I'm still on stage playing with Sean Kershaw

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