Sunday, March 19, 2006

3/20 to 3/26

This week I'm back in the studio with Hem all week. The sessions are going great. We are recording everything live in a big room. The session I played this afternoon for Erin Sax was live also. It seems like the music does more of whatever the good stuff music does when everybody gets together and bangs away at the same time.

I just played a batch of fantastic gigs at Zebulon. Butch Morris conductions with a Kenny Wollensen/Jonathon Haffner cast of caractures. At the end of the last set most everybody left the stage and some guy from Mali was playing this beautiful music while Kenny, the bass player, Bill Ware (vibes) and I played along. The whole thing felt like a cool fresh breeze blowing through me.

Its going to be hard getting to rehearsals for a couple gigs I have this week with everything going on. In any case on:

3/23 I'm at The Lakeside Lounge with Max Greene . Its a Cd release party that should be fun.

3/24 Its Matt Keating at theMagnetic Field
in Brooklyn.

I'm not sure about sunday at the moment. I seem to have overbooked myself. I'll do my best to make most of the Shotgun Shack set and then maybe head over to Galapagoes to finish the night with Dawn Landes .

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