Thursday, December 06, 2007

Live gigs in Dec

So winter is here and its cold and all. These are the live gigs I have in my book at the moment. Thank goodness for steady gigs !

Dec 8 Mamie Minch at 68 Jay st bar . We get going around 10:00. Mamie is great and I tag along with my lapsteel.

Dec 9 With Sean Kershaw. Get down to Hank's while you still can. I play my pedalsteel in this honky tonk free for all. Sean is writing more new songs and getting a very cool thing happening.
Dec 15 Mamie Minch at 68 Jay st bar .
Dec 16 Its sunday so its Hank's !
Dec 17 Tea Lounge on Union and 7th ave in park Slope Brooklyn. I will be playing pedal steel with the legendary Sunny Jain with his jazz band. 8:00
Dec 19 Smokey's Roundup is back at Sunny's Bar 253 Conover st in Red Hook. 10:00
DEc 20 I'm back with the "Old Rugged Sauce" playing great standards at Grape and Grain on 620 E6th st. I love playing with these guys. I'm bringing my lap steel for this one. 9:00 till 1:00
Dec 21 I'm playing the solstice party with Tone at Sunny's
Dec 22 Smokey's Roundup at Jalopy in upper Red Hook. I may run over to 68 and play with Mamie also later.

Dec 23 No Hank's. I will be in maryland eating cookies and watching cable tv.
Dec 29 Mamie Minch at 68 Jay st bar .
Dec 30 Hank's With Sean Kershaw.

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