Friday, May 12, 2006

The rest of May 2006

The picture is of a Hem recording session. Greg Pliska is the arranger and conductor.

5/15 Monday night I'll be in LA at the Knitting Factory with Hem.
5/17 Wednesday night at 9:00 back in Red hook at Sunny's bar (253 Conover St) playing Western Swing with Smokey Hormel on my old Stringmaster. This is a very laid back perfect scene.
5/20 I'll be at The Mercury Lounge with Don Dilego . Well worth checking out.
5/21 Its nothing but Hank's ! from 6:00 to 9:30 with
Shotgun Shack and then on into the abis with Sean Kershaw till 1:00. Free sausages ! Cheap beer ! Drunk dancing people ! Whoo Hooo !
5/23 The Mood Illusion strikes again at The Lakeside Lounge ! My evolving into who knows what little band. Samoa the Joe Walsh of lower east side art music may sing a few with us.
5/24 Another weds playing western swing with Smokey at Sunny's.
5/28 Hank's !
5/29 I'm off on a short tour with Hem.

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