Friday, May 12, 2006

I bought a pickup making business !

I'll announce this here because nobody reads my blog anyway and it looks like it will take me till mid july to get it together. JIm Pitman makes my favorite pickups for pedal steel. Humbucking but with an open full sound. He doesn't have time to build them now so he sold me the winding machine and spent a couple days training me how to do it his way. There are about a zillion little details and each one is critical so I have my work cut out for me. When i'm ready to go and fully confident of the quality I'll put up a web page and and get things going. I'm not looking to mass produce these things at all. If I can make a pickup or 2 once a week and get them to people who like them I'll be happy.


michael said...

hey bob!

awesome news! congrats on this new venture, i'm really psyched for you.

hope we can get together soon. i have had a heck of a few months and i'll have to catch you up, but i really wanna get together and do some more learnin'.

again, best of luck with the pickup dealio!

mike phillips

Gary said...

Cool Bob!

-Alex Battles

mnolan said...


Let me know when you get going with these....I need some

-Mike Nolan