Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Feb 20 to the 29th

Feb 20 Smokey's Roundup at Sunny's in Red Hook 253 Conover 11231 9:30

Feb 21 Derek Lee Bronston

at The Carnegie Club 156 W 56th St 10:30

Feb 22 Mike Viola at Joe’s Pub

Feb 24 Its Hank's with Sean Kershaw 10:00

Feb 25 Carolyn Sills at BB Kings on 42nd st

Feb 27th Smokey's Roundup at Sunny's 253 Conover 11231 9:30

Feb 28th Caithlin from Rainer Maria doing a concert of her own beautiful music at Sound Fix 110 bedford ave. I'll update this with more info when I get it together.

Feb 29th Smokey's Roundup at Barbes Tony Mason is sitting in on drums

Later on the 29th I'm playing with Derek Bronston at Banjo Jim’s We go on at 11:30 and play 2 sets.

When I was a little kid I became permanently confused after seeing Diana Rigg in that first outfit.

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