Wednesday, June 27, 2007

First week of July

July 1 sunday night. Well, they wanted me to stay in Boston at some fancy all expenses paid hotel making tons of money and playing with a high falutin orchestra but I had a gig at Hank's . I wouldn't want to miss those rough girls pile driving Sean Kershaw's head into the dance floor or hanging brain show and neither should you !

July 2nd I'm at Barbes with Smokey Hormel's Western Roundup at 10:00. We don't get a chance to play much this summer and this is a great place to see the band.

July 4th Smokey and the guys are at Jalopy. We should get going around 10:00.

July 6th its Drazy Hoops at The Living Room . This is a full band show.

Later that night I'm playing with Max Greene at Banjo Jim’s around midnight.

On the 7th I have a gig at 68 Jay st in Dumbo around 9:00 with J.Walter Hawks and Tim Luntzel. We will play a bunch of old standards and sub standards.

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dude i have not seen you in ages? how are you? whats happening MISS YOU xoxoxo Nadia has Louie & Oona right now