Friday, April 06, 2007

April 8 to 14th

The picture is of me in Texas with Herb Remington. He is a living legend.

April 8th sunday is Hank's at 10:00. Its an oasis of sorts. Country music played a little too fast. Think more gas pedal than steering wheel. Fun scene.

Monday 9th its the Knitting Factory at 10:00 with Derek Lee Bronston. Very strong players are working with this great singer songwriter. It looks like we go on around 9:30. I'll be there early to check out the other bands.

weds the 11th is Smokey's Roundup. Its a great little western swing band with some amazing players. We will be at The Lakeside Lounge on the lower east side around 9:00. Don't miss this rare chance to see this band in manhattan. The crossing of the great waters is quite a big deal for us.

Sat the 14th the mighty Hem plays a fesival of some sort in Norfolk Viginia.

After driving like a demon I will be rocking again at Hank's with Sean Kershaw on sunday the 15th. I will be crispy. But it can be better that way.

Its Easter !

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