Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Feb 1st to 8th Whole lotta Smokey !

Feb 1 The Smokey Hormel Western Combo at
Superfine in Dumbo 9:00
Feb 4th Hank's Atlantic and 3rd st in Brooklyn 10:00 with Sean Kershaw.

Feb 5th Barbes With The Smokey Hormel Western Combo. 10:00

Feb 7th Smokey at Sunny's in Red Hook 9:30 253 Conover
Feb 8th Smokey at Rodeo Bar

In Smokey's Western Combo we play old western swing, early jazz and blues on period correct instruments except for Charlie Burnham's weird looking violin and a few other things. Well maybe its not so period correct and we play mostly whatever we want at the time but we do wear cowboy hats !

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