Monday, November 20, 2006

Nov 20th till the 29th

Not alot going on this week or so for live gigs.

Weds the 22nd and 29th I'm at Sunny's in Red Hook with Smokey hormel's western band. This is a great local yokal scene. Its like Floyd's barber shop with a old time swing band playing in the corner. If it seems like everybody knows each other there its because they do. It gets rolling around 9:30. For me its great to play with such good musicians. Some real legends show up for the Smokey gig.

Sunny's is at 253 Conover st 11231 if you want to google map it. Its a little out of the way but is a very special place.

Then on sunday the 26th Its Sean Kershaw at Hank's ! Real music in a real dive for real people. Real drunk people. It gets going around 10:00 and is always fun. I figure this sunday will be a good one because there will have been plenty of quality time spent with families this week and drinking at Hank's is cheaper than a shrink.

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