Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Oct 26 to nov 1

Then on sunday the 29th Its Sean Kershaw at Hank's ! Real music in a real dive for real people. Real drunk people. It gets going around 10:00 and is always fun.

Tuesday the 31st I'm back at the
Knitting Factory with The Glaciers. This should be starting late around midnight down in the old office. This is a real good indie rock band with some great songs and great players.

Weds the 1st I'm at Sunny's in Red Hook with Smokey hormel's western band. This is a great local yokal scene. Its like Floyd's barber shop with a old time swing band playing in the corner. If it seems like everybody knows each other there its because they do. It gets rolling around 9:30.

The picture is of my steel teacher Buddy Charleton when I visited him last week.

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