Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Some local NYC gigs this fall

I'm doing as many gigs as I can around town in the weeks coming up.

Weds sept 6
Dawn Landes at Mo Pitkins 8:00
Sunday sept 17 Shotgun Shack 12:00 noon at Atlantic Antic. Its a Brooklyn street fair.
2:00 with Jan Bell and the Cheap Dates in Riverside Park and then its Hank's later unless something screws up.

Sept 21 8:00 I'll be playing with Sunny's wife Tuna at Sunny's in Red Hook.
Sept 23 its Hem at Irving Plaza. If you haven't seen Hem yet you gotta check it out. Its some sort of Jewish holiday so it should be easy to get tickets for this one.

I may fly in to play a gig at the 55 Bar on oct 17th. Its the 7:00 to 9:00 slot. It with this new music band that just got going called "A Thousand Oaks" unless we come up with a better name before then. Pretty killing players doing something unique. Jonathon Haffner: Alto, Chris Lightcap: Bass,Dan Weiss: Drums and they let me tag along and play my Pedal steel.

Smokey's Western Combo will be back at it once the dust clears also. We may try to pinch off a little gig if I get 2 consecutive free hours while I'm in LA with Hem on the 13th of sept.

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