Saturday, August 26, 2006

aug 27 to sept 3rd

Tonight 8/27 its Hank's ! I'll be playing with Sean Kershaw country music with no cover and free sausages from 9:30 till 1:00. But wait there's more ! From 6:00 till 9:30 I'm playing with Shotgun Shack. If you can get over to Hank's and you are into Waylon style country this is a band worth checking out.

8/28 10:00 Smokey's Western Combo atBarbes . This is great band playing in one of the best listening rooms in Brooklyn.
Then at midnight I'll be at the Ear Inn down on spring st in Manhattan with Dawn Landes . Another great old bar.

Then weds Smokey is playing again at Sunny's around 9:30. It should be a big night there.
More of a walk through the band to get to the bathroom sort of scene.

9/2 Its Drazy Hoops in Madison Wi. Some big festival by a radio station there. I hope its not outdoors. I get cranky with all my stuff blowing around or being scorched by the sun or having my hands cramp up from the cold.

9/3 back at Hanks for the late set if I make it in time.

In a week or so its On the Road with Hem !

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